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The internet is exploding with content across different formats. Audio, text, images – brands are using all of these aggressively to reach their audience. But there’s one format that many brands remain oblivious to – video. The most common misconception that holds back brands and businesses from investing in videos as a marketing tool is, “We are in the XYZ niche. Do we really need videos to market ourselves?” Absolutely, yes!

Statistics reveal that almost 50% internet users look for video content relevant to a product or service before they actually visit a business. This tells us one important thing – videos as a marketing tool hold immense potential to engage consumers.  

You can create:

  • Business profile segments
  • Marketing and promotional videos
  • Event films
  • Documentaries
  • Training courses
  • Corporate videos
  • Testimonial pieces


So, what should you as a business do if you are ready to disrupt your usual marketing strategies with a killer video, but don’t have a clue where to start? Partner with Converge Local. You take care of the business, and we’ll handle all phases of your video shoot and roll-out.

Why partner with Converge Local on your video project?
  1. Expertise: We have a highly experienced and skilled video production team that takes care of everything, end-to-end. All you have to do is discuss your ideas and message with us, and our best minds will get together to brainstorm, manage from pre-production to post-production, and get your video creating the results you need.  


  1. We Understand Formats: It’s important to tell a message in the way that suits it best. Are you a non-profit organization in need of a documentary? Or perhaps you require a peppy product video to talk about a new fruit juice you’re selling? Or is it a video to inform your customers about your service line? We get it. We create videos across different formats and niches. With the requirements and intent of the video clear, we can make stellar videos that tell your story the way it should be told.


  1. Personalization: Videos are one of the most interactive forms of content being produced right now. A video is a clear way of sending your message to your customers. It establishes a direct and personal connection between you as a brand and your target audience. When you speak to the camera, you talk directly to your customers and potential clients, almost as if you are there in the room with them.


  1. Value: The personal connection comes with an attached benefit, the ability to provide value. Our high production value and your strong message hold the power to entice and hold your audience. With this value comes credibility, status, and conversions. And video has the potential to bust through plateaus and outperform all your other marketing avenues. Through likes, shares, and powerful engagement on social media, one amazing video can keep working for you over and over again until your next message drops.


Present the best of your business or brand with a stylish, professionally produced video from Converge Local today.